The highest rated Lawn Care Service in Lakeland & Auburndale Florida!

Central Florida is a very special place with gorgeous properties and homeowners that know exactly what they want from their service providers. While the competition in lawn care and maintenance is fierce, few companies truly offer their clients the respect, transparency, honesty, and reliability they deserve. How many times did you have to clean up after the lawn mowers left the property? How many times did you make an appointment only to have nobody showing up?  How many times has your current lawn care provider done the infamous “drive-by” service on your property?

Reliable Lawn Care Services

Because all of these problems and many more, our lawn care Lakeland Florida company was created – and by a firefighter no less, a man understanding the importance of effective communication, efficiency, attention to detail, trustworthiness, and reliability. Soon, he gathered a team of dedicated professionals who are today the soul of Lawn Rescue.

Integrated Year Round Maintenance

Our company operates in Lakeland and Auburndale, offering residents a wide range of integrated services:

  • Lawn mowing on turf areas, line trimming (weed eating), edging around concrete areas, and cleaning grass clippings and debris from all hard surfaces.
  • Mulch installation for temperature regulation, weed control, and fertilization in flower beds and around trees. Also fresh mulch ads an aesthetic perk for flower beds and around the base of trees.
  • Bush / hedge  trimming – implemented as an additional service to our core package and meant to keep all bushes, shrubs, and hedges shaped and healthy.

lawn care and lawn maintenance programs represent integrated activities that require full attention to detail and professional intervention for best results. Our company has years of experience and built its reputation on always being reliable, trustworthy, and efficient. It is a company which constantly invests in its team member’s education in the field and which utilizes the latest technologies. We use highly performing software for organization and efficient communication. We invest in new and professional grade equipment for efficiency and top notch  lawn care results.

Our Company’s Key Values

In case you were worried about our price range, we are competitively priced. We value honesty and transparency and we treat each client like a family member. Moreover, we screen all our employees and make sure they are all legal to work in the United States.

As safety goes, we maintain  insurance policies to protect both our team and your property. We also take pride in our 100% risk-free guarantee .  If you are not completely happy with the work we have provided, we will fix it for free….still not happy, we will pay a competitor to fix it.

Our lawn care company in Polk County Florida has a growing pool of loyal customers who trust trust us because we give them  110% every time.  Yes, we realize without a baseline 110% is impossible but you get our point.  We seriously love our clients and do whatever it takes to keep them happy.

No-Stress Lawn Service in Lakeland & Auburndale Florida!

Give us a call or write us an email and ask for a free quote. We will be there to discuss your needs, assess the situation, and make a long-term plan together. This will allow you to enjoy a beautiful well manicured property all year long!