Why is It Essential to Trim Your Bushes and Hedges?

‍Besides the aesthetic value of well manicured hedges, shrubs, and bushes,  regular trimming is important for keeping your foliage healthy and beautiful.Trimming bushes, hedges, and, shrubs ensures the plants stay healthy and resilient during the hot Florida days.  Many bushes in the Lakeland, Florida landscape respond to regular trimming with brilliant fresh growth and year long flowering.Also, proper trimming encourages them to grow stronger, taller, and bushier.Bush / hedge trimming and flower bed care is an additional service we offer in addition to our standard package. Our growing family of satisfied customers know that we can turn even the most stubborn lawn and landscape into a work of art.  We are trained and educated to groom and manicure most bushes and shrubs found in a Polk County landscape.

Why Would You Want to Work With Us?

Our company was established by a local firefighter – a man that understands the importance of being detail oriented, trustworthy, as well as the ability to assess a situation quickly. He works constantly to instill a culture of solid values and sound morals into his teammates and company. Lawn Rescue is often praised for the high level of professional conduct it displays.

  • We  operate on the  basis of reliability, transparency,  and honesty, as well as offer affordable prices and quality services.
  • We are fanatics about delivering you with a job well done; this is why we are so confident in our 100% risk free guarantee.
  • All of our teammates are screened, engage in continuing education specific to our industry, and are hard working.
  • We are technology driven. Our office team utilizes sophisticated software to streamline scheduling and dispatching while also improving communication through follow thorough and documentation. Our field team efficiently service your lawn and landscape  with top of the line, well maintained,  high grade commercial equipment.
  • We deliver what we promise when we promise.  If ever there is a delay do to an unforeseen circumstance you will be immediately contacted.  If you are not happy with a service we have provided we will do whatever it takes to fix it and turn your frown upside down.

Leave everything, from mulch installation, to flower bed maintenance, and seasonal clean-ups, to us! Ask today for a free quote and let us turn your property into a small corner of paradise. This is no risk and expect excellent results!